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Preguntas más frecuentes

Preguntas y respuestas comunes acerca de nuestros circuitos RunRun (en inglés)

Si tienes otras preguntas, no hesites en contactarnos.

  • 1. What is a running tour?

    A running tour consists of visiting sites of interest in a destination through the practice of jogging. It is aimed at people that are traveling and willing to sightsee in an active way. 

  • 2. How do the runnig tours work?

    A running tour is not a race. The idea is to run at a pace allowing conversation and contemplation of landscape and historical monuments. After all, we believe that running, as well as tourism, is first and foremost all about pleasure. The point of sightrunning with Runrun tours is making friends, knowing new and interesting things and feeling good.

    You just have to choose a tour according to your interests and the level of difficulty; you book the tour; we send a confirmation to you in less than 24 hours; we meet either at the meeting point (group running tours) or at your hotel, apartment, company or congress center (private running tour), given that it is not too far away from the running route); you pay on the spot; we sightrun. Simple like that!

  • 3. Who is it for?

    Our RunRun tours are accessible for practically everyone. If you work out regularly or go for a jogging from time to time, you should not have any problems, independently of your age. It is not recommended, though, to people with cardiac problems and children under 13 years old.

  • 4. What is the pace? Will I be able to keep up with the group / the guide?

    We propose to run different distances at your own pace. You can slow down or take a break whenever you want. If you are an advanced runner training for a competition (a marathon, half-marathon, etc.) and need to keep running regularly during your trips, we also have an option for you: take a look at the tour “Running Paris Marathon”, "Paris in a nutshell" or book a customized tour in our Tailormade section at no additional costs. 

    If you are running in a group (of ten people at the most), we will follow the pace of the slowest person. If you have some running goal in mind and you want to be sure we will run at the pace, distance and time of the day desired by you, you should contact us in our Tailormade section.

  • 5. Is it safe?

    We are committed to provide you the best and safest possible running-touristic experience of Paris. Your health and safety are at the top of our priorities. Be aware, though, that in spite of being experienced runners and tourism experts, we are not personal trainers or health professionals. Therefore, our responsibility is limited to the guided tour. RunRun Tours website, enterprise and personnel will not be held responsible for any health problems, accidents or even death arising before, during or after the tour.

    Given that we will be doing an urban run in Paris downtown, there will be obviously some traffic and pollution. We kindly request you to follow your guide and to listen to his/her instructions in order to respect traffic lights and other safety rules related to the use of public roads. RunRun Tours website, enterprise and personnel will not be held responsible for any incident and accident or even death happening before, during or after the tour.

  • 6. How to choose a tour?

    Choose your tour wisely, according to the difficulty level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) indicated in its description. With the exception of the running tour "Paris in a nutshell", all the others are at a reasonable distance and offer as well a shorter version. Any adjustments in departure time, distance and number of persons (individual tours, private tours for your family or group of friends or larger groups) may be requested at no additional costs in our Tailormade section.

  • 7. Are the tours private or shared?

    In principle, you might share the Runrun tour experience with up to nine other people. Would you rather have a private tour? Book a customized RunRun experience of Paris in our Tailormade section.

  • 8. In which language is the tour being held?

    Your RunRun guides are able to make comments and tell stories about Paris history and monuments in the following languages: French and English. Please contact us in advance for any language request.

  • 9. What happens if I get tired?

    No need to worry! We can always slow down or stop for a break. Besides, we will be running at your own pace and we have planned to make a few quick stops along the way for hydrating and taking some pictures. 

    The tour may be interrupted anytime by your request. Our RunRun guide will in any occasion provide that you get to your hotel, apartment, company site or congress center safely.

    One tip: be aware of choosing the tour according to the difficulty level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) indicated by each one. It is also possible to request a shorter or longer version of each tour and in a different time of the day: let us know your specific wishes in the Tailormade section. 

  • 10. What should I wear in a RunRun tour?

    Once we receive your reservation, we will advise you on how to dress appropriately to the weather conditions foreseen for the day of the RunRun tour. No need to bring a bottle of water, we will provide all the necessary arrangements. All you will have to worry about is to run and relax. Let us take care of all the tiny details for you!

  • 11. Will I have something to eat or drink before, during of after the tour?

    We will provide each runner a small bottle of water, which you will be able to refill whenever needed in one of the several water fountains along the running route. We will also bring along a provision of energetic supplies (e.g. dry fruits or nuts). No other drink or food beside these will be provided before, during or after the tour.

  • 12. How long does it take a RunRun tour?

    The duration of the RunRun tour depends on the distance and on your/the group’s pace. We have roughly estimated an average duration for each tour based on our previous experiences. In case you are a fast runner and we finish the tour before the duration expected for it, we may propose continue running a few more kilometers. No refund will be made in case you wish to stop the running tour before its expected duration, though.

    Your RunRun guide may also reduce the tour if he/she realizes you and/or your group are not able to complete it in time (or to complete it at all). In this case, if you wish to make the whole tour, you agree to pay a supplement of 20 euros for every 30 additional minutes added to the tour duration. 

  • 13. How can I book a RunRun tour?

    Choose your RunRun tour among our options by filling in the form and selecting the number of runners taking part in it. We will answer you in less than 24 hours either confirming or suggesting another day, time or conditions. 

  • 14. How long in advance should I book a tour?

    You should book your RunRun tour with at least 48 hours in advance. Be aware, though, that at such a shorter notice we may not be available and that you might not be refunded if you pay in advance and do not show up (take a look at the question about our cancellation policy below).

  • 15. What are the payment methods?

    We accept payment only in cash (no checks, please) in euros currency, which must imperiously be done on the spot right before the beginning of the running tour. You may also pay by PayPal when you book a running tour directly on our website. 

  • 16. What happens if it is raining or snowing?

    Although it is very rare to snow in Paris, raining, on the other hand, happens quite often. The tour will happen under any meteorological conditions. We will be ready to offer you a raincoat. Only in case of heavy storms or other very bad weather conditions, we will suggest another date or another time for the RunRun tour. If no convenient date can be found, the tour will be fully refunded. 

  • 17. What is the cancellation policy? Will I be refunded if I cancel a tour or if I cannot make it?

    In case you pay in advance, you are entitled to a full reimbursement only if you send a written cancellation request up to 24 hours before the beginning of the running tour (counted by the time indicated in the email sent). In case of no show, you shall not be refunded.

    We kindly request you to use our online form to let us know about any impediments or change of plans.