Paris em uma Volta: Circuito de Medio Maratón

Paris em uma Volta: Circuito de Medio Maratón


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  • Paris em uma Volta: Circuito de Medio Maratón
  • Paris em uma Volta: Circuito de Medio Maratón
  • Paris em uma Volta: Circuito de Medio Maratón
  • Paris em uma Volta: Circuito de Medio Maratón
  • Paris em uma Volta: Circuito de Medio Maratón

Descrição do circuito

As marathons season is officially open worldwide, we wouldn’t like you to miss the chance to taste Paris Marathon and make this Grand Tour of Paris in 3h30 of discovery!

The Louvre, the Tuileries, the Concorde square, the bridges and docks of the Seine river, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame cathedral… all the emblematic places that make Paris a fairy tale city! This running route includes all of that and more: a stroll past both less well-known sites and the most iconic monuments in the picturesque Montmartre! After 3 hours and a half of gentle jogging, depending on your running pace and including the obligatory breaks for photos and refreshments, you'll be able to say that you have seen and learned all the best Paris has to offer to its visitors. 

✔️Get to know pretty much all famous landmarks of Paris (and some infamous, too) on a single running tour
✔️Have a private experience (small group) off the beaten tourist routes
✔️Visit Paris while getting fit
✔️Pursue your half-marathon or marathon training
✔️Relax and don't worry about getting lost or finding a running route by yourself

Read some comments written by previous guests who did Paris in a Nutshell Running Tour with us (all full reviews are available on TripAdvisor): 
  • “Superb run, from start to finish… This is honestly one of the best tours I have ever done…” (Emma, UK); 
  • “So much more than ‘Paris in a Nutshell’… This was my first sightrunning tour, and it is probable that RunRun Tours has spoiled me for any future sightrunning experiences.” (Karen, USA);
  • “The best way to see the city of Paris” (628loz, USA);
  • "AMAZING EXPERIENCE. They are totally willing to adjust to your pace or style. We saw everything we wanted in the city and more. We even got to make some stops for pastries from one of the best bakeries. 10/10 would recommend." (Codi, Italy)
  • “Each time I visit a new city, I look for a company that does running tours - it's a great way to see a city while getting exercise and fresh air! RunRun Tours was one of the best running companies I have encountered. I highly recommend them!” (Janet, USA).
Seu guia de corrida estará esperando por você na praça Saint-Michel, entre a fonte Saint-Michel e a entrada da estação de metrô. Se você estiver chegando de metrô (linha 4 e RER B e C), pegue a saída 3, chamada "Fontaine Saint-Michel".
A partir daí, seu guia de corrida o levará a uma excursão de ida e volta, ao seu próprio ritmo, passando por alguns marcos clássicos de Paris, mas principalmente por alguns segredos ocultos que você provavelmente nunca conheceria sem nossa orientação especializada adquirida por anos de corrida em todos os recantos da Cidade Luz!

In about 3 ½ hours (depending on your running pace) you’ll be able to see and to learn pretty much about all landmarks of Paris, from the most famous to the less well-known ones, such as:
✨Notre-Dame cathedral
✨Louvre Museum
✨Tuileries garden
✨Concorde square
✨Champs-Elysées avenue
✨Grand Palais and Petit Palais
✨Eiffel Tower
✨Royal Palace garden
✨Vendôme square
✨Garnier Opera house
✨covert passageways
✨Sacré-Coeur basilica
✨Moulin Rouge and Lapin Agile cabarets
✨ and much more! ✨✨✨

This is a running tour for intermediate to advanced runners. You’re not required to run fast, but you have to be able to run at least 15 kilometres (9 miles) or have already run at least one half-marathon in your life.
Some quick stops are planned for pictures and refreshments along the way. Your tour host will carry your belongings (small items only) inside their backpack and will have water and snacks ready for you whenever you feel like it. All you have to do is to is to put on appropriate running gear and to lace up your trainers!

You need absolutely not be a fast runner in order to take part in this running tour, for it’s not a race competition. It’s more like a relaxed jog at a very comfortable pace, allowing conversation at the same time we run. However, it does require some level of conditioning. Be sure to be able to run at least 15 km / 9 m non-stop before signing up.

✅ your running guide's services
✅ one bottle of (still) water for each participant
✅ free digital pictures of your running tour
✅ snacks (dried fruits or nuts)
✅ a waterproof running jacket in case of rain (we run rain or shine!)
✅ carrying your belongings (small volumes only)
✅ and a finisher surprise!

❌Please show up wearing appropriate running gear and shoes. We are indeed running🏃🏾
❌We cannot storage voluminous clothes and bags. Come with what we (and you) can actually carry while running
❌We do not provide any transportation tickets
❌We do not provide entries to monuments and museums along the route. We’re not going inside any of them, for they'll be closed during our run
❌We also do not provide any other meals and drinks other than the ones specified above

⚠️ ¡Corredores y corredoras de todos los niveles y ritmos son bienvenidos! Esto no es una carrera, es un divertido descubrimiento de París a un ritmo relajado. El más lento en el grupo marca el ritmo para los demás. No te preocupes: ¡no te dejaremos atrás!
⚠️ En cualquier caso, debes ser una persona activa que suele ejercitarse y es capable de correr al menos 5 km sin parar antes de inscribirte en este recorrido
⚠️ Edad mínima: 18 años
⚠️ Sólo permitimos a menores de 18 años cuando tienen la autorización expresa de sus padres o adultos responsables
⚠️ Nuestra experiencia comienza a tiempo. Para no arruinar la experiencia a los demás invitados, te rogamos que llegues a nuestro punto de encuentro unos 5 minutos antes de la hora de partida. Por favor, comprende que no podemos esperar por ningún retraso
⚠️ Si crees que vas a llegar tarde, infórmenos lo antes posible para que podamos pensar en una solución. Por ejemplo, podrás hacer el recorrido otro día
⚠️ Nuestros tours ocurren bajo la lluvia o el sol. En caso de mal tiempo, nos pondremos en contacto para cancelaciones y reprogramaciones. Si no tienes noticias nuestras, eso significa que iremos proseguir con el tour

Note: Consult us about group discounts for 4 people and more

Ponto de encontro

Place Saint-Michel, Paris, France

O nosso local de encontro será a praça Saint-Michel, entre a fonte de Saint-Michel e a entrada da estação de metrô (se você estiver chegando da estação de Saint-Michel, basta pegar a saída número 3, chamada "Fontaine Saint-Michel ").
  • Estações de metrô: Saint-Michel - Châtelet - Cluny-La Sorbonne
  • Estações de RER: Saint Michel-Notre-Dame - Châtelet


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