Chambord Castle Trail Run

Chambord Castle Trail Run

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7 km / 4.3 m
  • Chambord Castle Trail Run
  • Chambord Castle Trail Run
  • Chambord Castle Trail Run
  • Chambord Castle Trail Run

Tour Description

Have you ever wondered why is the painting of the Mona Lisa kept in the Louvre Museum in Paris, and not in Florence or somewhere else in Italy? 

Now you can find the answer to this question not only on our running tour Sunrise Run & Sightsee in Paris, but even better: in situ visiting by running the Chambord Castle! 

Located in the heart of the Loire Valley, at about 105 m (170 km) away from Paris, you’ll discover with us the result of the meeting between an ambitious idea from the greatest monarch of French Renaissance, Francis I, and the audacious design of the greatest artist of all times, Leonardo de Vinci: The ultimate fairy tale castle!

Our experience begins at 9.00 a.m. in the city of Tours, the charming capital of the Loire region, located at around 142 m (230 km) from Paris and at 46 m (75 km) from Chambord. After meeting your guide at the Tourist Office of Tours, located just by the Gare de Tours (Tours train station), he'll drive you in his car ao area of Chambord.

During the scenic drive from Tours to Chambord, with the gorgeous town of Blois and other castles by the Loire river, your running host will tell all you need to know about the Loire Valley as far as history, architecture, food, wine, etc. Once at Chambord, you’ll first make a 4.3 m (7 km) trail running with spectacular views from all kinds of distances and angles to the Chambord Castle. It’ll follow a one-hour guided tour inside the château. With its 426 rooms and its mind-blowing double helix staircase (allegedly designed by Leonardo de Vinci), Chambord is without any doubt the most spectacular castle of the Loire Valley!

After the visit of the Chambord Castle, your guide will drive you back to Tours, where you’ll have some free time to visit this charming city and enjoy a well-deserved meal and a glass of a locally produced wine. Your guide will suggest a restaurant or a pub for some cheese/wine/delicatessen tasting and walking circuit for visiting Tours after your meal.

  • Get to know the most famous Loire Castle and a World Heritage Site while getting fit
  • Get in touch with nature while running, and not every nature: a royal domain who used to be the hunting woods of one of the greatest monarchs of France!
  • Have a private experience (small group) off the beaten tourist routes
  • Relax and don't worry about getting lost or finding a scenic trail running route in a historic site by yourself
Tourism Office of Tours (see map), 78 rue Bernard Palissy, 37000 Tours

In about 4 hours, you’ll be able to sightsee and to listen to lots of stories about the Loire Valley region, its capital city Tours and the most famous of the Loire Valley castles, Chambord. You’ll not only learn everything you have to know about the castle, but you’ll also have the experience to run in the royal hunting woods of the king Francis I, which is as big as the city of Paris!

  1. The visit of Chambord itself is supposed to begin by 9.00 a.m. and to finish by 2.00 p.m. in the city of Tours. 
  2. It's possible to make a one-day excursion from Paris to Tours. If you're leaving from Paris, that means you’re supposed to take a train by 7.00 a.m. from the Gare de Montparnasse in Paris and another one after 2.00 p.m. to get back there (you'd better book the train tickets in advance!). 
  3. You’re also responsible for getting on time to catch the train from and back Paris. In case you miss your train, RunRun Tours or our local partner won't be held accountable or obliged to refund you for the running tour missed and/or for the purchase of a new train ticket.
  4. The purchase of the train/flight tickets is of entire responsibility of the customer. We can help by recommending websites and schedule that would work for your itinerary, but we cannot book the train tickets for you.
  5. We highly recommend you to take the bullet train (TGV), for it’s less subject to strikes, it’s more comfortable and it’s the fastest way to reach Tours and the Loire Valley region.
  6. If you decide to overnight at Tours, you’ll also be responsible for booking your own hotel or apartment there. We’re ready to offer any advice and recommendation on this topic, though.
  7. We’re also ready to provide you with a city map and a list of recommendations for restaurants and other places to visit in Tours entirely free of charge.
  8. Any of the restaurants and other activities not mentioned in our program are not included in the price. 
  • This is an easy trail running tour for beginners to intermediate runners. You’re not required to run fast, but you have to be used to do some workout and to a light jogging.
  • Some quick stops are planned for pictures and refreshments along the way. Your tour host will carry your belongings (small items only) inside their backpack and will have water and snacks ready for you whenever you feel like it. All you have to do is to put on appropriate running gear and to lace up your trainers!
  • You need absolutely not be a fast runner in order to take part in this running tour, for it’s not a race competition. It’s more like a relaxed jog at a very comfortable pace, allowing conversation at the same time we run. However, it does require some level of conditioning. Be sure to be able to jog at least 5 km / 3 m non-stop before signing up.
  • Entrance tickets to Chambord Castle
  • Van or car transfer to and from the city of Tours and Chambord
  • Your local running guide's services in the Chambord estate and castle
  • One bottle of (still) water for each participant
  • Snacks (dried fruits or nuts)
  • The possibility of storage of your belongings (purse, backpacks, coats etc.) inside the car (we do not take any responsibility for any objects left inside the vehicle)
  • Transportation (train tickets or other) between Paris and Tours*
  • Please show up wearing appropriate running gear and shoes. We are indeed running 😊
  • We do not take any responsibility for any valuable objects left inside the vehicle. Please try to come with what we (and you) can actually carry while running.
  • We do not provide entries to monuments and museums along the route other than to the Chambord Castle and Estate.
  • We also do not provide any other meals and drinks other than the ones specified above.
* Here’s the link to the English version of the French national railway company website:
We’ll be pleased to help you purchase your train ticket; just get in touch with us through informing the date and the number of persons joining the tour, and we’ll send you back the budgets and the link for you to finish the purchase. Depending on how much in advance you buy your train ticket, the prices may vary from 98 € per person for a last-minute return ticket Paris-Tours to 49 € per person for a returning ticket Paris-Tours acquired two months in advance (all prices are for one person travelling on a bullet train - TGV - in the second class).

** Note: Consult us also about the possibility of a private tour, including private transportation in a car or mini-van and the pick-up and drop-off service at your place in Paris.

Meeting Point

Tourism Office of Tours (see map), 78 rue Bernard Palissy, 37000 Tours

Our experience begins at 9.00 a.m. from the Tourist Office of Tours, located just by the Gare de Tours (Tours train station). From there, your running guide will drive you in his car to the area of Chambord.

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