Secrets of Paris Run Tour

Secrets of Paris Run Tour

Running Tour

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2h00 min
∾ 8-12 km / 5-7 m
  • Secrets of Paris Run Tour
  • Secrets of Paris Run Tour
  • Secrets of Paris Run Tour
  • Secrets of Paris Run Tour
  • Secrets of Paris Run Tour

Tour Description

If you already know all the classic landmarks of Paris and you enjoy jogging while the crowds are still sleeping, this 8-12 km (5-7 m) long experience is perfect for you! Not only you'll get to know both famous and less known sights in the picturesque Montmartre, but you'll also learn about some hidden treasures and run through gardens and passageways located on the right bank of the Seine river.

✔️Get to know both famous and hidden sites/monuments of Paris from a local runner, learning things that you couldn't find in a guide book
✔️Have the city all for yourself
✔️Get wonderful pictures of Paris monuments with no crowds blocking them
✔️Work out before breakfast, feeling free to earn later every calorie burned!
✔️Have a private experience (small group) off the beaten tourist routes
✔️Visit Paris while getting fit
✔️Pursue your running training
✔️Relax and don't worry about getting lost or finding a running route by yourself

The starting point of the tour will be the Saint-Michel square, in the very heart of Paris. From there, your running guide will lead you on a round tour, at your own pace, past some classic landmarks of Paris, but especially past some hidden secrets that you'd probably never know without our expert guidance acquired by years of running in every corner of the City of Lights!
For the ones running half the route (8 km / 5 m), the finishing line will be the Abesses metro station, located right after the Sacre-Coeur basilica.

In around 2 hours (depending on your running pace) you’ll be able to see and to learn about some classic and some less touristy places and landmarks of Paris, such as: the Notre-Dame cathedral; Louvre Museum; Royal Palace garden; Vendôme square; Garnier Opera house; covert passageways; Sacré-Coeur basilica; Moulin Rouge and Lapin Agile cabarets; and much more hidden sites and stories of Paris!

Some quick stops are planned for pictures and refreshments along the way. Your tour host will carry your belongings (small items only) inside their backpack and will have water and snacks ready for you whenever you feel like it. All you have to do is to is put on appropriate running gear and to lace up your trainers!

You need absolutely not be a fast runner in order to take part in this running tour, for it’s not a race competition. It’s more like a relaxed jog at a very comfortable pace, allowing conversation at the same time we run. However, it does require some level of conditioning. Be sure to be able to run at least 5 km / 3 m non-stop before signing up

✅ your running guide's services
✅ one bottle of (still) water for each participant
✅ free digital pictures of your running tour
✅ snacks (dried fruits or nuts)
✅ a waterproof running jacket in case of rain (we run rain or shine!)
✅ carrying your belongings (small volumes only)

❌Please show up wearing appropriate running gear and shoes. We are indeed running🏃🏾
❌We cannot storage voluminous clothes and bags. Come with what we (and you) can actually carry while running
❌We do not provide any transportation tickets
❌We do not provide entries to monuments and museums along the route. We’re not going inside any of them, for they'll be closed during our run
❌We also do not provide any other meals and drinks other than the ones specified above

⚠️ Runners from all levels and paces and welcome! This isn't a race, it's a fun discovery of Paris at a relaxed pace. The slower in the group sets the pace for the others. Please don't worry: we won't leave you behind!
⚠️ In any case, you should be an active person who enjoys exercising and can run at least 5 km/3 m non-stop before signing up for this tour
⚠️ Minimum age: 18 years old
⚠️ We only allow minors of 18 years old when they have the expressed authorization of their parents or responsible adults
⚠️ Our experience starts on time. In order not to ruin the experience to the other guests, we kindly ask you to arrive at our meeting point around 5 minutes earlier. Please understand that we can't wait for any delays
⚠️ If you feel you're going to be late, let us know asap for so we can think of a solution - for instance, you can join the tour another day
⚠️ Our tours go on rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, we'll contact you for cancellations and rescheduling. If you don't hear from us, this means that we are keeping the tour

Note: Consult us about group discounts for 4 people and more

Meeting Point

Place Saint-Michel, Paris, France

We're meeting at the Saint-Michel square, between the Saint-Michel fountain and the entry to the metro station (if you're arriving from the Saint-Michel station, just take the exit number 3, called "Fontaine Saint-Michel").
  • Subway stations: Saint-Michel - Châtelet - Cluny-La Sorbonne
  • Train (RER) stations: Saint Michel-Notre-Dame - Châtelet

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